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2011-08-20 18:40:46 by RunIsaacRun

Writing a story. Waving The White..Gonna be pretty sweet...Wanna read it? Too bad.


2011-06-10 20:01:20 by RunIsaacRun

Almost done with the superamazingcrazyprojectextravaganza I'm working on...

They are amazing in my own opinion.


2011-04-13 17:46:23 by RunIsaacRun

Wrote a song for an open mic next week...Lies Fly Like Butterflies..In retrospect, It's pretty pimpin.


2011-03-29 19:29:51 by RunIsaacRun

There's so much more work to be done on this project. I need to work on art, audio, video yadda yadda yadddaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Lookin for someone to play online Red Dead with me on xbox 360.
I'm not on at the moment but you can add me. IKENSTEINZ is my gamertag. Just message me n stuff.

Pray for Japan

2011-03-13 13:50:49 by RunIsaacRun

If you haven't heard, a tremendous 9.1 earthquake hit Japan a few days ago. Following the earthquake, was a tsunami with waves ranging 13-35 feet. I ask you to keep Japan in your prayers. Thank You.

Please subscribe to hear music in the future. -Isaac...and Dominic ouChased?feature=mhum

Looking for some good anime?

2011-02-20 02:10:29 by RunIsaacRun

Any favorites you'd like to share?

Ketchup Stains

2011-02-18 21:40:53 by RunIsaacRun

1. Hard to get out
2. Tasty